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Fall Out Boy

Bottle Up Old Love (or Pete’s New House) [Patrick/Pete-implied. PG. 4,045 words.]
In which Pete’s house is him in architecture.

Not A Landmine, Not A Goldmine (No You’re Not Mine At All) [Ashlee/Pete. PG. 2,353 words.]
In which Ashlee does actually give a fuck.

Don’t Dream It’s Over [Patrick/Pete. AU. PG-13. 3,733 words.]
All he can hear is what Pete isn’t saying. Weird-dreamscape-au.

Lines On Palms [AU. Patrick/Pete. NC-17. 16,028 words.]
“I was joking when I wondered if you were stalking me,” Pete says, “but I’m not so sure now.” Hooker!au.

Torn [Patrick/Pete-implied. PG-13. 1,171 words.]
In which Pete wakes up after trying to kill himself.

Rip Her To Shreds [Trish/Peyton. R. 22,540 words.]
In which Fall Out Boy have always been women.

Panic at the Disco

Let’s Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster [Brendon/Ryan. R. 2,008 words.]
In which there is teen sex and insecurities.

Five Times Ryan Couldn’t Say ‘I Love You’ (whether he wanted to or not) [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 1,791 words.]
In which Ryan Ross can’t say ‘I love you’, but can, actually, love.

Romantic Rights [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 3,361 words.]
In which Ryan Ross is not a gay-rights activist.

The Miserable Have No Other Medicine [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 3,779 words.]
In which Ryan suffers writers block, and his stationary talks about it.

The Florist [AU. Brendon/Ryan. PG. 6,311 words.]
In which Ryan is a florist and Brendon falls in love.

Grace [AU. R. Brendon/Ryan.]
In which Brendon is an actor, and Ryan writes him the script of his career.

Deleted scene. Loretta-ficlet.

Chicago [Jon/Ryan-implied. PG. 2,959 words.]
In which Jon is homesick for tour.

Colour Wheel [Brendon/Ryan. Brendon/Audrey. R. 6,384 words.]
In which Brendon thinks in colours.

Don't Ever [Spencer/Ryan. PG. 2,887 words.]
In which Ryan doesn't have a break down, and Spencer's there for him anyway.

The Cab
Keep The Lights Off [Pre-GSF. PG. 1,886 words.]
In which Singer is not a fan of storms and boypiles happen out of nowhere.

You Be The Alcohol, I'll Be The Hangover [Cash/Singer. NC-17. 12,394 words.]
In which highschool boys are dumb teenagers. Involves drunken make-outs and pigtail-pulling. Stupid Cash.

Blackbird [Gen. PG. 3,181 words.]
In which there is a van accident.

This Love Is Not Obedient (It Has It’s Own Agenda) [Patrick/Pete. Brendon/Ryan. AU. PG-13. 9,716 words.]
In which Patrick lives in a box. Crack-office-au-thing.

Cold Tiles. [The Killers/Panic at the Disco. Brandon Flowers/Brendon Urie. NC-17.]
Comment fic.

This Is Not A Lovesong [Gym Class Heroes/Fall Out Boy. Travis/Pete. NC-17. 3,730 words.]
In which Travis and Pete aren’t anything, but aren’t nothing either.

When I Come Around [The Academy Is.../Empires. Tom Conrad/Michael Guy Chislett. R. 7,678 words.]
In which TAI and Empires tour together. So do Tom and Michael.

I Paint My Art Across Your Skin. [Gym Class Heroes/Fall Out Boy. Travis/Pete. PG. 95 words.]

Fairytale Arc.

Poets Come To Life [Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound. Brendon/Ryan. Patrick/Pete. AU. MA-15. 10,299 words. Lots of one-sided and implied pairings too.]
If you ask Peter, he’ll tell you that stories start every fucking second, but none of them start with once upon a time. Pinocchio!au.

Glass Slippers [Keltie-centric. Brendon/Ryan. Keltie/Ryan. PG. 1,463 words.]
In which Keltie is not Cinderella.

London’s Vegas. [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 686 words.]

The Sofa. [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 399 words.]

Marianne. [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 796 words.]

Believe In Love. [Brendon/Ryan. PG. 529 words.]

Untitled. [Patrick/Pete. PG. 301 words.]

She’s Leaving Tuesday. [Pete/Jeanae. M. 210 words.]

BC. [Gen. PG. 368 words.]

The Libertines
Men of Few Words Are The Best Men [Peter/Carl. M. 765 words.]
In which they were probably in love.

Untitled. [Navid/Adrianna. PG.]
In which Navid isn't the father, or the husband, but he'll take care of her anyway.

Flower Pins. [Orihime-centric]

First Time.[Ichigo/Orihime]

Fevers and Fingertips. Ichigo/Orihime. Sora.]

When I grow up[Orihime-centric]

Better Be Home Soon Ichigo/Orihime]

Twenty Souls. Ichigo/Orihime]

Thank you [Ichigo/Orihime]

'Untitled' Arc.(6/6)[Ichigo/Orihime].
That Dreary Day in late February
Outside Interference.
Hopscotch: An Interval
If I were the rain

Messy. [Vanessa Hudgens/Ashley Tisdale. NC17]
In which there is sex.

Eyes Like the Summer (all beauty and truth) [Classic. Beast/Belle. G. 368 words]
In which they aren't each other's worlds, apart from the fact that they are.


Untitled. [Gen. Echo, Sierra, Victor.]
In which the dolls are not a herd of Bison.

Provinces. [Priya/Tony. PG. 570 words.]
In which Priya doesn't remember anything except everything that matters.

TMZ [RPF. Kevin Connolly/Adrian Grenier]
In which Adrian reads too much TMZ and him and Kevin certainly aren't fucking.

Long Division [Simon/Kaylee. PG. 542 words]
In which there are morning afters and scars that aren't all skin deep.

The Show. [Inara/any. PG. 69 words]
Belly dancing.

There is No Such Place. [Inara/Mal. R. 2704 words]
Post BDM, they're left trying to pick up the pieces.

We Will Not Grow Old. [Rachel/Finn/Quinn]
In which they aren't all entangled.

Crown of Love. [Will/Terri. PG. 362 words]
In which Terri is not pregnant.

Untitled. [Puck, Quinn. PG. 114 words.]
The outsider.

As If You Just Woke Up. [Jesse/Rachel. R. 432 words]
They don't see each other again for years.

Five Time Rufus Told Lily He Loved Her (and the one time she said it back) [Rufus/Lily]

Don’t You Want To Feel (What I Want To Feel)? [Blair/Serena]
In which Serena is not a slut.

A Road to Somewhere [Nate/Serena. G. 352 words]
In which the firsts aren't always tangible.

Like We Did in the Summer (Ooh La La) [RPF. Leighton Meester/Blake Lively. R. 2178 words]
Summer in Paris.

Seven. [Arthur/Molly. Weasleys.]

Love and Love and Love.James/Lily, Arthur/Molly, Lucius/Narcissa]
I've Kept you Like a Secret. [Remus/Sirius]

Untitled. [Remus/Sirius. G. 99 words.]

Four Time Merlin and Arthur Made it Work (and the one time they didn't) [Merlin/Arthur]

Just Like [Merlin/Arthur. PG-13. 302 words]
Magical inebriation

Imagine Me and You (and you and you) or The Curious Case of the Bruised Behinds [Holmes/Watson/Irene/Mary. NC-17. 12,667]
In which they're not all together yet.

Circuit Breaker. [Tony/Michelle/Sid. NC17]
In which Sid will always be the third wheel.

Molasses. [JJ/Katie. NC17]
In which JJ gets locked-on and Katie's not insecure.

A Little Less Conversation. [Cook/Freddie. NC17]
In which no one's fucking around.

You Know You're No Good. [Freddie/Katie. NC17]
In which Katie isn't Effy and Freddie's not sure if that matters.

Paper Moon. [Chris/Jal. R. 134 words.]
For the first time.

Untitled. [Sid/Cassie. R. 433 words.]
Food in New York.

Untitled. [Chekov/Sulu. PG. 116 words.]
For the first time.

For You And I Are Past Our Dancing Days.
PG-13. 2,725 words. Sandy/Kirsten.

In which Sandy and Kirsten fall in love, get married and have a baby, not necessarily in that order.

Little Girls.
PG. 3,384 words. Sandy/Kirsten.

In which the family grows, and so do the insecurities.

Untitled. [Ianto/Owen. PG-13. 84 words.]
hate sex.

Strawberries & Starships.
Star Trek Reboot/Firefly. 143 words. PG. Kirk/Kaylee.


No big deal.
Beyblade. PG. Gen.
Beyblade, G. Gen.

Jun Knew.
Digimon. G. Gen, one-sided Daikari
Never ignore the butterflies.
Digimon. G. Tai/Sora
The 'Love' Drabbles.(70/100) [Daisuke/Takeru]
1-10.11-20.21-30.31-40. 41-50. 51-60.61-70.
Something Blue, Something Old, Something New
Digimon. PG. Tai/Sora

Home Improvement. G. Gen.
Home Improvement. G. Gen.
Home Improvement. G. Gen.

To a Squirrel at Kyle-Na-No.(7/?)
Ice Age. PG. Manny/Ellie. AU.

Powerpuff girls. PG. Gen.

Saiyuki. PG. Gen.
Root Pain.
Saiyuki. PG. Gen.
Saiyuki. PG. Gen
Saiyuki. PG. Gen.

Maybe meant to be.
Southpark. PG. Cartman/Wendy.

Teen Titans. PG. Robin/Starfire
Teen Titans. PG. Beast Boy/Raven
Teen Titans.G. Starfire/Robin.

5 Ways in which Rogue never met Remy LeBeau.</strong>
X-Men. M. Gambit/Rogue.


Between Us.
R. 3,349 words. Gen.

In which Harriet and Oscar exist.

PG. 819 words. Gen.

In which cancer kills.

This Modern Romance.
PG. 5,186 words. Het.

In which I re-write the Bible.

R. 799 words. Het.

In which Jonah and Lua fall out of love.
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