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To a Squirrel - chapter 4

Title: To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no
Rating: PG
Fandom: Ice Age

To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-no



AU. Highschool. WOOT!


Manny Torelli – senior (18)

Soto Bavaes (Pron. Bah-vay-us) – senior (18)

Ellie Blume – senior (18)

Diego Pryde – Sophomore (16)

Sid Osmond – freshman (15)

Zeke Rodes – freshman (15)


So please, read on, enjoy.




Manny wasn’t nearly as surprised as he felt he should’ve been when Sid approached him at lunch, a shit-eating grin from ear-to-oddly-shaped-ear.


“Who didn’t try to kill you?” Manny asked, before biting into a large ham and cheese roll.


“I got detention.”


Manfred stared, squinted, then pursed his lips, this was no help however, and he could state quite honestly that he could not see how this brought such a grin to Sid’s face. He said as such.


“It’s like an induction to the bad-ass side of high school!” Sid said, hands gesturing wildly in unbridled enthusiasm.


Manny eyed him off, not quite shocked at the blatant example of stupidity that Sid was currently exhibiting. It had been just over a week since this incredibly bizarre boy had attached himself to his side, and in reality, Manfred’s life hadn’t changed half as much as he had expected it too. So, he rolled his eyes in response to Sid’s announcement, and replied with a “what for?”




“What was the detention for, moron?”


“Sleeping in class.” Sid laughed, before folding his hands firmly behind his head.


Manny couldn’t help but snort, go figure.




“Ok, so the last Ice Age was about 10,000 years ago…well unless you want to look at it in glaciological terms, in which case we’re still technically in an Ice Age due to Greenland and Antarctica.”


Ellie had strutted into class with a mountain of pamphlets, posters and pages of information, slamming them down in front of Manfred and Soto. The boys had looked up at her, questioning looks marring their faces, but she’d pleasantly ignored them, launching into a rocky lecture.


“Ok,” She pointed at Manfred, “Manny, right?”




Giving him a weird look, Ellie tucked the pencil she’d been gesturing with behind her ear. “That friend of yours calls you Manny.” She stated, matter of fact.


“Yes well, sadly he was dropped on his head too many times as a child. Besides, he’s not my friend.”


Ellie scoffs, and suddenly Manfred wonders where that charming, giggling girl from yesterday went.


“You’re Soto?” The other boy nods, rocking back on his chair.


“Right, you’re in charge of environmental background,” She threw a wide folder in front of him. “Read up tonight.”


“Manny, you cover impact on the ecosystem.” A massive red folder was tossed in front of him.


“I’ll be covering species and visual presentation. Any questions?”


Soto flashed her a charming grin, one that flashed all 32 of his pristine teeth, before flicking absently through the folder.


“Nup, I’m good.” And with that, he got up, and left.


“Well, he’s not gonna be much help, huh?” Ellie said.


Manfred glanced up at her curiously, “You went to a lot of effort.”


“Yea.” She flushed pleasantly, playing with the cuff of her sleeve. “It was no big.”


“Yes it was.”


Her eyes widened, and her lips quirked. She laughed, “Yea, you’re right, it was.”


Manny laughed in slight disbelief, as she sorted through another stack of papers.


“Ellie, right?”


She glanced up at him, big green eyes flashing with something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. “Yea.”


“It’s a big assessment. We should probably…you know.” He coughed, “meet up after school to work on it.”


Grinning, she responded eagerly, “Yea…ah, no.” Both their faces fell, “Uh, I have detention today.”


This train of conversation felt eerily familiar. “What for?”


“Bitch slapping Whitney Watson.”




The detention room was very small and very square. Sadly, Sid could practically feel whatever small amounts of intelligence he had left being zapped from his head.


“Take a seat, Mr. Osmond.” The teacher with the small, square nose said.


Eyeing the room before him, he noted four other students. There was an exceptionally tall, red-haired girl, with a bright set of emerald green eyes. She sat straight, knees to her chest, big, tanned hands holding firmly to a heavy-duty novel. She might have been a model in some far off, distant life…either that or a possum. Sid started, not exactly sure where that analogy had come from.


Next to her sat a scrawny, twitchy boy huddling desperately close to a packet of nuts. Sid made a mental note to stay very, very far away from him.


At the front of the room was another girl, all chunky jewellery and blonde hair. Boring.


The last figure sat in the back corner of the room, an intimidating sight, half concealed by shadows.


“Hey, I know you!” The figure looked up from the penknife he was jutting into the underside of the desk.


“Take a seat, Mr. Osmond!” The porky, square teacher squealed.


“Yeah, yeah, heard you the first time.” Sid muttered, tossing his satchel on the desk next to the familiar body. “You’re the kid that saved me the other day!”


“Mere convenience on your part, mere stupidity on mine.” Golden eyes glistened dangerously on the shadowed face. However Sid had never really recognised threats that weren’t chasing him around with some sort of weapon.


“Y’know you sorta scared me when I first saw you, all leather jackets and fangs, but really you’re a big pussy cat under-“ The pen knife stabbed the desk, millimetres from Sid’s obscurely large hand. “-right.”


The pair settled into silence, the really tall girl looked over at them curiously, pulling a sketchbook from her bag.


“I’m Sid by the way, well Siegfried, but no one actually calls me that. I don’t know what my folks were thinking.”


The other boy quirked an eyebrow, “Fascinating, really.”


“Was that sarcasm?” Sid asked, brow furrowed, and fingers pointing towards the golden-eyed boy.




“I’ll let it slide this time, you…you…what’s your name anyway?”


The boy didn’t say anything, just continued carving an odd sort of pattern into the desk. Sid tossed himself back in the chair, sighing dramatically.


“Friendly, ain’t ya?”


Blatantly ignoring him, the elder boy didn’t even respond at Sid’s startled yelp.


“Hey, someone-someone just threw something at me!” The really tall girl rolled her eyes, waving mockingly. A piece of paper sat soundly in his lap. Sid eyed the room, unfolding it swiftly.


His name is Diego.


Sid grinned, and didn’t say another word for the rest of detention.




It had been more unnerving, Diego felt, after Sid had stopped talking. So when the teacher had excused them all, claiming not to want to see any of their disgusting little faces again, he hadn’t been able to leave fast enough.


The pitter-patter of footsteps behind him pissed him off beyond reason. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Turning angrily, he met not the odd face of Siegfried Osmond, but the twitchy on of Zeke Rodes.


“Boss wants a word.” The freshman said, all jerking eyes and sharp white teeth.


Soto was under the school bleachers as he always was. Cigarette dangling from his lips, knife twirling in his tanned hand.


“Heard the Osmond kid’s been hanging around.”


Diego shrugged cooly, “Nothing I can’t handle.”


Soto grinned, fangs gleaming in the half-light. “I’m bored, Diego…sit with them at lunch.





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